About Support by Chantal

The person behind “Support by Chantal” is me: Chantal Roth-Voorbeytel.
I am a born and bred, down-to-earth “Zeeuwse”. Zeeuwen are usually known as sober. That sober national character comes through life in a country by the sea and is thus translated into a no-nonsense mentality but certainly a loyal commitment to their employers.
In this way I approach my clients and assignments;  sober, loyal and with  commitment.
Work can be carried out on location or virtually.
You will think; virtual? According to the dictionary means virtual; independent of time and place. That means that I can work at any desired location. That can be at home, at a flex desk, at a company, even on a terrace. As long as there is an internet connection. Because I am flexible in my workplace, I can also organize my time more efficiently. Assignments that are part of this include entering data, searching for suitable candidates for your (offshore) company or any administrative support that can be carried out with the “Microsoft Office package”.
But as said, assignments can also take place on location. With regard to “Hospitality” this is a broad concept; it can be hostess / promotion host at a trade fair, on an public company day, a fair or any other event where your company is represented.